One of the most difficult demands for entrepreneurs is how to balance a busy travel schedule and their constant workload. As an entrepreneur or a digital nomad, travel is a huge aspect of your life and wasting time and money on travel is not an option. Learning to be efficient and effective is THE way to succeed as an entrepreneur, especially when your business calls for consistent travel. If you are an entrepreneur and are always on the road, here are some helpful tips to make your travel more comfortable, productive and with minimal issues.

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  1. Focus on packing and keeping things accessible

No matter the length of your planned travels, packing can be a huge hassle. The most important rule for effective packing it to determine what you need and don’t need. The typical rule is that less luggage you have, the more comfortable you’ll end up. However, you can’t miss out on bringing the important things for your business travels.


Here is an essential list of packing items for any business trip:

  • Business cards (and put them in an easily accessible location) ?
  • Phone/computer and their chargers + portable charger?
  • Adaptors (for international travel) ?
  • Medicine ?
  • Passport/visa (and store them in a safe location) ?
  • Credit and debits cards?
  • Clothes (make sure you take enough for your journey and ensure they are exactly what is expected for your business trip)?
  • Kindle Paperwhite is a must if you’re a book reader ?


Do not forget to take product literature and other any official documents you might need on your travels (conference passes, ticket confirmations etc.). Don’t forget, you never know when you may stumble upon a potential client, so always look smart and be prepared.


  1. Utilize Airplane Time.


It is known that early mornings can be some of the more productive times to get work done, however, the next most productive blocks of time are when you are on an airplane. Airplane rides allow you to be less distracted. Your phone won’t be ringing off the hook, text messages and social media notifications won’t be coming through. You have nothing but quiet and calmness to focus on those projects you have been trying to get done. The airplane journey is the perfect time to tackle any tasks that require comprehensive writing, reading, emails, or planning. Some of the top entrepreneurs have the best brainstorming and creative sessions while on an airplane. There is no need to waste time by watching movies or sleeping.


Don’t forget,  business travel is generally hectic and overwhelming. Even some of the most famous entrepreneurs and CEOs have trouble keeping up with their workload while attending conferences and traveling from one place to the next. It’s difficult work as an entrepreneur with tons of travels and it requires calmness and patience. Don’t worry about what you may be missing while you are away. Focus on your top priorities, manage your time and take advantage of the quiet hours in the air to stay ahead of the game.


  1. Benefit from mobile technology


Today, we have the ability to work from anywhere and everywhere with advanced mobile technology. Before you embark on your travels, do some research on what connectivity options are available in your mode of transportation and the locations you will be going to. Also, it is important to check the practicality of using your devices at the convention centers, hotels, restaurants and other places you might need to visit.

Also, don’t forget to carry some adapters or wireless mobile accessories that might help you. It is vital to have a proper data plan that will allow you seamless connectivity at inexpensive prices when you are on the go. It is also important to ensure that the wireless plan you have works properly and costly in the countries you are traveling to. Don’t forget, fully charge your devices before you leave. This allows you to browse for useful information on the move when you end up waiting somewhere.  Use the time you have productively with mobile technology as well as, learn the best options for mobile connectivity in the places you travel.  

Fresh marketing content and materials, trendy topics and good vibes.

Subscribe to the Olavivo blog and chill with us. 

  1. Delegate As Much as Possible Before You Leave

Once you’ve planned out every angle of your trip on paper, you will have a good idea of what you need to delegate to your team, freelancers or partners to get done while you are away. Delegate all of their tasks for the duration of your trip in an organized fashion instead of waiting until the task becomes urgent while you are away. Send your team their instructions for the entire time you plan on being gone, a few days before you leave in case they have questions. You will be saving yourself a lot of time and energy and in return, be less stressed. It will also be a lot easier for your team to plan and organize their schedules while you are abroad. Another crucial element to this is to make sure you set clear instructions for whatever tasks you are delegating. The precise instructions will help you and your team work successfully while you are away.

Also, it is best to put someone that you trust in charge.  May it be one of your talented employees or team leaders, anyone that you think will be able to assist you and your team in the best way. This delegated person should be the first point of contact for all other employees or contractors.  He should be your first and only point of contact while you are on your business trip.  By having this one point of contact it will help you achieve your business trip goals by allowing you to focus your attention on the important aspects of your trip and not worrying about 2342 phone calls and emails from your team back home.

  1. Get Enough Rest- Stay healthy

Everyone knows that health is the most important factor in your life, whether you are an entrepreneur or not. Falling sick during your travels carries an annoying amount of risk. Becoming ill will not only affect your travel plans and take away from the productivity of the trip, but it can also waste a lot of money on expensive medical care you might need.  Here are some important ways to stay healthy while traveling:

  • Be on your regular diet habits ?
  • Don’t stress too much ?
  • Eat healthy meals ?
  • Take vitamins ?
  • Take a probiotic for your digestive system
  • Bring compact exercise equipment
    • Exercise boosts your immune systems, reduce stress and keeps you in shape and healthy
  • Get a substantial amount of sleep ? (
    • * A useful trick that helps prevent jet lag is to go outside as soon as you arrive at your destination and walk around in the sun. This allows your body to adapt quicker.

Even though your sleep schedule can easily be affected by travel it is not an excuse to lack sleep. A lack of sleep can hurt your immune system and cause you to not think clearly. You must find ways to get plenty of rest while you travel, so you are not risking your health.  A great way to ensure you get enough sleep is to come to a place 24-48 hours in advance.  This allows you to rest, recharge and be 100% ready to roll.

Fortunately, in today’s day and age, travel has become more convenient and it’s easy to adjust yourself and your schedule to make sure you stay as healthy as possible while you are abroad.

Bloggers, networking events, affiliate conferences and good old fashion face-to-face business meetings are now increasing business travel on a global scale. Make sure you stay ahead of the game.  

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