Are you crossing into the crypto affiliate marketing industry? You must understand how affiliate marketing works. Plus, you need a pretty good idea of how to make money from affiliate marketing programs. Even after that, you still will search for pointers to maximize your profits. Who doesn’t want more streaming income? To continue, you have to understand the critical difference between crypto affiliate marketing and traditional affiliate marketing. The key difference is that one deals and pays in cryptocurrency while the other pays in fiat currency. Thus, it is no surprise that many affiliate marketers are spanning over to the crypto space to boost their income and gain access into a new market.

If you’re about to get into the crypto space or crypto affiliate marketing programs, here’s the perfect article that will set you on your way. Get ready to gain new insights into how the programs work. Also, you can learn which niches are profitable and how to identify crypto affiliate program scams correctly.


How Crypto Affiliate Marketing Programs Work

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies. Even if you don’t know anyone, you most definitely must have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum — the two biggest cryptocurrencies. To make money from any business or platform that trades or keeps bitcoin, you first have to know how the forum and the program work. Companies or brands have two major ways by which they present their crypto affiliate programs to affiliate marketers. These approaches set the tone for most of the business and payment policies of the affiliate programs, so you have to understand the difference between these two approaches:

  1. The first approach is when crypto affiliate programs handle cryptocurrency payments from your referrals but payout your commission in standard currency. 
  2. The second approach is when crypto affiliate programs offer products and services not entirely related to cryptocurrencies. However, they handle cryptocurrency payments from your referrals and payout your commission crypto assets.

In signing up or registering for a new crypto affiliate program, the processes and steps are the same as when you sign up for regular affiliate marketing programs. All you have to do is find an affiliate program that offers favorable commissions, sign up to the network, get your personalized referral link, paste the link on your blog, websites, social media accounts or run it as ads. When your audience or subscribers purchase on the client site through your link, you get paid an already agreed-upon commission. And since we’re talking about crypto affiliate marketing programs, your commission will come in the form of cryptocurrency assets.

Here’s What to Look for in a Crypto Affiliate Network

When it comes to finding and choosing a crypto affiliate network or program to bank with, you have to be careful and strict in your choices. Every day new affiliate networks join the crypto affiliate marketing space. These networks might be already established platforms branching out to the crypto space to increase their income or gain entry into a relatively new market. In contrast, others are start-ups, new affiliate networks, or programs with no experience in crypto affiliate marketing programs.


Before joining any crypto affiliate marketing program, you have to do proper research and investigate the program for foul play signs. It would help if you also did this to ensure that the program offers fair deals for your services. You have an excellent chance of making money. Also, that there are no hidden clauses to deprive or scam you of your hard-earned money.

The process and investigation involved in joining a new affiliate program are extensive and exhaustive. It will better serve you to join an already-established and reputable crypto affiliate marketing program. That is especially true if you’re already familiar with the platform and the operating policies. However, if you’re keen on joining a relatively new crypto affiliate marketing program, you must keep in mind the volatility and fluctuating value of the crypto space. It is also essential that you do a risk assessment and factor in all possibilities before taking definite action.

What Kind of Niches Do Crypto Affiliates Serve?

Cryptocurrencies have many unique qualities. Consider the versatility, flexibility, and value that these payment options give many people. Then, you’ll understand why cryptocurrency affiliate marketing programs serve all niches. Cryptocurrency payment options are very much in high demand. Why? Because of its anonymity, high value, and so on. Thus, already-established businesses and big brands have started accepting payment in cryptocurrency.

The crypto affiliate program’s niches are broad, serving a wide variety. However, there are specific and highly-specialized niches within this vertical. Here are the most popular verticals in crypto circles:

  1. Online retail stores or businesses that accept payment in cryptocurrency. These are very popular. 
  2. Online casinos, gambling, and sport betting sites that accept deposits or payments in cryptocurrency. These are the most prominent businesses or niches in the crypto affiliate circles because of their nature and high value.
  3. Niches that fall within the cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services. This niche comprises businesses or platforms that hold, trade, or offer cryptocurrency conversion for their owners.
  4. Dating, hooking up, and other adult services are also available. Cryptocurrency offers additional anonymity for people that engage in this niche.

How to Avoid Crypto Affiliate Marketing Scams

As crypto affiliate marketing programs grow in value, many shady affiliate networks are getting into it with questionable motives and policies. A good affiliate program does not have to scam or cheat people of their money because, given enough time and resources, they’ll eventually make more than that. Here are some popular crypto affiliate marketing scams:

Withheld Commissions

A shady crypto affiliate marketing program may find excuses not to remit your commissions’ total or accurate value to your account. They may decide to charge discounts or blame some other thin line policy to justify it, but a scam is a scam.

Conversion Rate Manipulation

You’ll get paid in cryptocurrencies. Some affiliate networks or programs may manipulate conversion rates because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and prone to fluctuations. Why? They do it to cheat you of your hard-earned money. That is why it is better to join networks with stable or fixed conversion rates.

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