You might be asking yourself what affiliate marketing is. It is the process where an affiliate earns a commission when they market another company or person’s products. The affiliate finds a product or service they enjoy and then promotes the product or service. As a result, they earn a piece of the profit from each sale they make. Now you might be wondering how to track it. The sales are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another. Affiliate marketing is successful because you can tap into the creative abilities of a variety of individuals. By doing this, they can relate to a broader audience and create more sales. Read on to hear about some of the top affiliate marketers.

Who Can Be an Affiliate Marketer?

Are you new to affiliate marketing? An affiliate can be either a company or an individual. They work on marketing the seller’s product appealingly and interestingly to potential customers. The affiliate works to persuade consumers why the product is beneficial or valuable to them, hoping they will eventually purchase them. If the affiliate is successful in convincing and the consumer purchases the product, the affiliate receives a commission. Furthermore, many affiliates have identified themselves through their defined niches and personal brands.


We’ve found the top affiliate marketers that you can learn from to be just as successful.

Darren Rowse

Since 2002, Darren has been blogging. His big breakthrough was in 2004 when he started his main blog, which produced over 7,000 articles and tutorials. He has had tremendous success by selling his eBooks to online consumers. With his main blog having so many articles and tutorials, tens of thousands of consumers visit his site each day. The notorious blogger is one of the top  affiliate marketers because he set aside blocks of time to work. Furthermore, he was consistent in producing helpful content.

Tasha Agruso

A former medical office lawyer turned design blogger, Tasha could thrive as an affiliate marketer. Her blog proliferated from the start by maximizing revenue through affiliate links and texts. After Tasha created her eBook on how to earn with affiliate marketing and selling her own product, her revenue skyrocketed. Also, she recommends focusing on one thing at a time. It’s important to stop chasing traffic and focus on serving the audience you have.

Pat Flynn

After losing his job, Pat dove strongly into his blog, which rapidly gained popularity. He grew his site by selling ad space and over-delivering. Furthermore, Pat offered his extensive knowledge in architecture in an organized way that was appealing to consumers. He began by providing free helpful tips to readers who then felt inclined to return the favor by purchasing his products. Always be sure to think about what your readers need and how you can help them.


Charles Ngo

This affiliate marketer has over nine years of experience in affiliate marketing and a blog that connects with over 75,000 subscribers. Like many others, to start, he started to blog daily. He posted about his bog on forums and social media sites to get the word out and help monetize his blog. Charles cites one of the most common causes for failure among affiliates is information overload. You should always provide high-quality information and items that are of value to your specific niche.

John Chow

Here is a well-known name in the world of affiliate marketing. He has worked hard to achieve exponential success. John consistently makes videos for his YouTube channel and the multiple posts generated for millions on his blog. His exposure on social media has allowed for quick and inexpensive promotion. John’s first piece of advice is to choose a niche. You might want to think about what you’re knowledgeable about and what people need or want to learn?

Johnny Ward

This affiliate marketer started his blog as a way to document his travel adventures. As the number of site visitors continued to increase, he began to write media stories and then utilized affiliate marketing. Also, Johnny has shown many ways to monetize content, including direct advertising, Google Ads, affiliate marketing, and brand ambassadorships. There is always room for quality content in the market. However, being consistent is key.

Monica Stott

Here is another traveling blogger and successful affiliate marketer. Moreover, one thing to note is there are so many different revenue streams available throughout blogging. These can include sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships. Having a successful email list is vital for marketing purposes. Monica’s email list has 4,500 people. While that may seem minimal in comparison to others, she focuses on engagement rather than sales. She encourages affiliate marketers to choose topics they are passionate about.


Chris Guthrie

He is a man of many avenues, including blogging, a podcast, and a web developer. Not only that, but you might even call this a triple threat. The key to his success was working with niche websites with a specific product focus that overcame competitors. That meant reviewing products with videos rather than a comment. With his great success, he can now improve affiliate marketers’ websites. His advice is to take action and always be sure to consider potential business success. Also, check out his books about how to earn money online.

Servando Silva

One of the top earning affiliate marketers and bloggers is Servando. Affiliate marketing evolves incredibly fast, so it requires constant learning. That means investing in yourself. He also suggests focusing on one traffic source and learning the ropes before moving on to the next. Using too many simultaneously can be overwhelming and lead to an increased chance of failure. You can check out Servando’s blog, where he shares all of his tips, tricks, and secrets.

Affiliate Summit for Marketers

Many affiliate marketers look for some course or training to help them learn and grow. As one of many affiliate marketing conferences you can attend, Affiliate Summit does just that. Founded by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins in 2003, the program organizes seminars and workshops for new affiliate marketers. The program has grown tremendously and has been the top online tutorial for new marketers.


Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing industry. To be successful, you have to keep up and evolve with the current trends. Not only that, but each affiliate marketer focuses on a different niche. In turn, they find one that allows them to be successful while growing their business. Some people utilize affiliate marketing as a full-time job, while others do it as a hobby or way to earn extra cash. Either way, you can break down the success in affiliate marketing into a few factors, including dedication, passion, and consistency.

Do you follow any of these affiliate marketers? Perhaps, you have other influences helping you became successful with affiliate marketing. Comment below!

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