Many of us think social media marketing is an easy enough concept. Setting up social media profiles and sending out links is considered a breeze. However, growing your online affiliate business to where you have substantial amount of followers and influence in your industry is a whole other ballgame. Disregarding social media for your online affiliate marketing business can be detrimental.  With social media sites, affiliate networks, can connect with clients and influencers, while discussing interesting topics, building a solid community and increase brand awareness.  Nowadays, it is vital that any business has a social media presence. best social media for affiliate marketing

Here are a few tips on how to build the best social media for affiliate marketing:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Who exactly are you hoping to reach on social media? There are tons of consumers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more, but in order to build your social media presence you need to choose who your target consumers. By identifying your audience, their keywords and phrases you will start to conclude which social media sites to use.  You can also determine, how often you should post, the type of content to publish, and the “voice” you want to portray.

Once you’ve determined your target audience, try to understand them and how they use social media.  Learn about the other brands they engage with on social media and how they interact with those brands.  This information will help you determine what resonates most with your target audience. After these steps, you need to incorporate your own style and voice into similar elements on social media.

2.  Research Your Competitors

Every affiliate marketer needs to understand their competitors and conduct a competitive analysis to get an idea of the target market. It’s one of the most important factors when you create a business plan. Researching your competition is your opportunity to take a closer look at what’s popular in your niche.  It teaches you what they are doing and why. Then with that information, you can be the better business.

Check out these tips for researching your competition:

  • Shop the competition. You can call the competition, visit their website, order a product, go down their sales funnel, get price quotes, see what affiliate network they use and more.
  • Talk to their customers. Learn what their customer like and dislike and why they choose to use the competition over others. Take those factors and incorporate them into your business so you can do better.
  • Google them. Use Google and other search engines like Bing to see where they show up on the rankings.  This will also show you where your competition is showing up all over the internet and give you an idea about their SEO practices.
  • Hunt their traffic sources. You can research and hunt their main affiliate traffic sources by using amazing BI tools like Similarweb or Semrush. You can also hunt their creative tools by using Adplexity and Whatrunswhere tools. These tools will help you decide where to invest your resources when you create your marketing strategy.

3. Be a Human

A very common mistake on social media is to come off as an arrogant affiliate marketer or affiliate network. In today’s age, people want transparency.  They want to get to know the face of your company and your story on a personal level. They want an upfront idea about CPA offers to promote and the highest affiliate commissions you offer.

No more chat bots that pull users out of the site and kill conversions. Let potential clients communicate directly with your business on social platforms. This is the perfect way to show your customers that you are a real, authentic and a caring brand. Let your target audience see a softer side to your affiliate network or brand. This also means staying active on your social media accounts, which brings us to our next point.

4. Build Relationships & Stay Active

It is very important not to neglect the social part of social media. Posting on social media and building a relationship with your audience is one of the most important ways to build your presence. You need to interact with customers, influencers, affiliates and other people in your industry all the time. When we say interact, this doesn’t just mean posting a link to one of your articles and hoping for the best. This means posting and then responding to your audience on your posts.  Interact with the customers that show interest.  One of the best things about social media is that it enables you to build relationships with anyone across the globe in a matter of seconds.

Also, as an affiliate marketer, you shouldn’t be focusing on getting that large number of followers, rather, focus on getting followers that are relevant to the product you are promoting.  For example, if you are affiliate marketing cryptocurrency, focus on engaging with followers that are interested in cryptocurrency and bitcoin. The more you engage and establish a relationship the more likely your followers will respond to your posts by liking, commenting, retweeting or tagging friends. This will get you more traction on. your links and convert these users in CPA’s or CPL’s.   Show your target who you are by building a relationship and staying active on social media, in turn, your audience will feel more connected to your brand and become loyal users.

5. Automate Properly

Using scheduling tools to schedule your social media posts ahead of time is a great way to stay prepared, automated and build your presence online. However, automating customer support and auto replies to customers can have a negative effect on your social media. Try to avoid automating any type of real interaction on your social media accounts. Automated responses can come off as dishonest and deceitful.  If customers are reaching out to you they want to interact with your affiliate network or brand.  Don’t forget, some social media platforms, like Facebook allow your users to rate your business and see how quickly you respond to messages.  So it’s important to make sure that your users get a proper, real response in the shortest amount of time possible.

6. Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Stand out and be found on social media by optimizing your social media accounts for affiliate marketers.  Make sure you have relevant keywords in your profiles so that when consumers look for keywords related to the industry, your social media accounts pop up. You can also optimize your social media by sharing content related to your industry and using keywords in your posts.  Also, a great way to build your presence by optimizing your social media is to connect with other popular accounts in your industry.  Share each other’s posts and images and their followers will start to become your followers.

7. Get Visual, Let’s Get Visual

Visuals and social media are like two peas in a pod. Images, videos and GIF’s are one of the most important ways to improve content for social media. They also are guaranteed to get more engagement. So if you want to grow your social media presence, start posting more good, clear and vibrant images and videos.  Some ideas of visuals for your social media includes, employee team photos or videos, photos of customers, infographic and behind the scene shots.  Just remember, the most important rule about posting images is that they are real and from you.  Add your logo or website, tag people and add a geo-location to your images, these attributes are great for when an image goes viral.

8. Stay Alive & Active

As mentioned before, it is vital that you stay alive, awake and active on your social media accounts. A lack of activity is an easy way for consumers to overlook and doubt your business. Nobody cares about a business that posts once a month.  Using the scheduling tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial  to generate content daily is a great way to stay active and build your presence.

9. Create & Share Amazing Content

One of the most important factors about building your social media presence today is creating and sharing the best and most unique content that fulfills your target audience needs. By creating interesting blog posts and curating awesome content related to the affiliate marketing industry will increase your social media presence.  Give your audience a reason to follow and engage with you.

10. Link Your Profile to Your Website

Another great tip to build your social media presence online is one of the easiest things a business can do.  Link all of your social media accounts and your website as well.  Make sure you have the proper icons on your website and check your links.  Retweet pictures from your Instagram, embed instagram photos onto your site,  post your tweets on Facebook, or post your content on LinkedIN as an article and then publish it in Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to expose your social media platforms while building your presence.

What are you waiting for? Start Building Your Social Media Presence with these tips and share other tips to boost your social media presence in the comments below.