Instagram is a mobile photo and video-sharing app and social network that has taken social media by storm with over 1 billion active users every month! Affiliate marketers are now starting to use Instagram as one of their top revenue generating tools. Since the boom of Instagram Stories and the expansion of advertising opportunities, it’s time for affiliate networks and marketers to jump on the bandwagon.  Check out a few Instagram marketing tips for your business.

Brainstorm and Create Awesome Content Idea

Sometimes it’s not easy to brainstorm and create cool content when your business offers a service like affiliate marketing and not a physical product.  It can be hard to show the advantages affiliate marketing, especially through Instagram and other social media platforms.

Here are a few pointers for Instagram marketing as an Affiliate Marketer:

  • List all of your products and services
  • List all the benefits and advantages of your products and services
  • Think about the different ways that your products are being used
  • Focus on your added value and uniqueness and how you can emphasize it
  • Include your Affiliate link in the comments
  • When you are posting a photo make sure you use relevant tags
  • Try to be as much as creative  as possible
    • Try to capture the moments that the user has benefited from your product

You can learn more and get even more tips on how to create amazing content ideas for your affiliate marketing business from

Learn How to Take Awesome Pictures on Your Phone

It’s the digital age and everyone out there has a smart phone. You don’t need an expensive DSLR camera to succeed on Instagram anymore. The smartphone in your pocket is everything you need to take pictures for your business instagram account. Check out great tips  for taking pictures on your smartphones with PopPhoto. These tips will help your brand compete with top Instagram pages in your niche.

Add Text to Your Pictures

Every picture must have a caption.  Something that relates to your brand or affiliate network but also has relevant and useful content.  A great way to get traction on your Instagram pictures is by creating Memes or GIF’s.  This is a viral style image that you can create by yourself.  Use a Meme generator to understand current meme trends and how to create your own.

Tell Your Brand Story Without Over Selling

Affiliate marketing on Instagram can be difficult.  Users tend to be sensitive and annoyed by over-promotions.  Avoid irritating these users by determining the best ways to share essential aspects of your brand’s image with compelling content and not just using pushy sales tactics and funnels.

Show New Uses for Your Products/Services

If you want to be more direct when marketing on Instagram give your followers something of value to look at or learn from. Use your pictures to showcase innovative new ways to use your service or product. Don’t forget that this strategy may be relevant for the demographic that uses Instagram constantly and not the older generation.  But if your target audience is meant for the user base on Instagram, this is a great way to promote your product or service.

Use Relevant #Hashtags

Hashtags are super important on Instagram and social media in general.  Before uploading any image to your Instagram page, search for similar content to see which hashtags are relevant for your affiliate marketing platform. By using relevant hashtags your Instagram will have more engagement and awareness. Don’t forget, this hashtag strategy can be used across all social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and it’s a great way to get your audience to find, engage and interact with your business.

Respond to All Comments you Receive & Interact with users

The more active you appear to be, the more reach your affiliate network and Instagram account can achieve. Distinguish users that take the time to comment on your images by quickly responding to their comments.  You can easily respond to comments on Instagram by clicking “reply” under a user’s response. Instagram will automatically tag them, making it likely that they will see that you have taken time to respond to them. Liking a comment or one of your followers pictures is another great way to interact with your users. Tagging users or other businesses in the affiliate marketing niche is another way to engage with users and get their attention.  They will be notified that they are tagged in your uploaded photo and be prompted to engage.

Instagram live video & stories

A new feature of Instagram allows a live video stream. You can give customers a real time look on how you use affiliate marketing by showing different aspects of your business.  You can even answer live questions through the comments that are constantly being projected while you are on live video.  This is a great way to connect and engage with your users.  It also gives your brand or service a face while building trust.

Another new feature to the Instagram platform are “stories” aka disappearing pieces of content, which include photos and video that disappear after 24 hours. With Instagram stories, you can draw on your photo or video, add stickers, take polls or add text. These features are a fun playful way to engage with your community.  You can ask questions that are automatically answered by your users with a click of a button.  It’s a great way for affiliate marketers to understand their users and what engages them the most.

Run giveaways, contests or promotions.

A great marketing tactic is to host a giveaway, contest or service/product promotion.  Post an image explaining your giveaway, sale or contest and ask users to comment, tag friends or repost that image with a specific hashtag in order to enter.  This boosts up your engagement and exposes you across Instagram and other social media platforms. This type of marketing allows your customers, users and Instagram followers to market your brand for you by exposing your promotion to their users and followers.  It will drive people to your Instagram profile, website, clickfunnels clickbank or landing page.

Review and analyze your Instagram activity

While it is important to post frequently it is also important to analyze your content that you are posting. You can see which images or videos are getting the most activity based on engagement.  For business Instagram accounts, you can look at all sorts of statistics with the Instagram Insights feature and optimize your content accordingly.

Instagram is a great way to market your online affiliate marketing business. It has the opportunity to Increase product sales, drive free traffic to your website or offer, increase brand awareness and much more.  These pieces of marketing advice should get you off to a good start and have proven to be an effective means for generating new business and boosting your marketing strategy.

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