“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”  Bill Gates

Karma is the power created by a person’s actions concerning destiny. In essence, this philosophy is the Buddhist belief that whatever you do comes back to you. Business leadership plays an important role, and a focus on karma can contribute to greater profits. Furthermore, think about karma producing positive effects for the leader, the team, the community, and even our planet. Naturally, karma is critical for the affiliate marketing niche. Therefore, by building a trusted affiliate network and business, people understand their role. More importantly, they do their best to fulfill it. 


How can an affiliate network and leaders incorporate karma to achieve this?

Indeed, it is true you are searching for the all-mighty answer to this question. Please, consider the three A’s:

  • Authenticity

To truly lead, you need to develop trust in those who follow. As a leader, you need to be realistic, thoughtful, transparent, and honest — in other words, be authentic. That enables a team to honestly discuss issues and combine their skills to create the best strategy. Then, you can become top affiliates and create top affiliate programs.

  • Artful leadership

Please, hire well and reward successful contribution. Listen, learn and ask questions all the time. If you’ve recruited effectively, your team will have valuable skills and insights that you do not. Moreover, appreciate these talents and encourage each affiliate to think and speak. Also, be open and discuss ideas and problems within your network respectfully. What about the art? At the end of the day, you are the leader and the decision-maker. Therefore, by lifting your team and engaging them in the process, you gain access to more opinions to make better-informed decisions. The art draws a line through this information to a point where you can and must decide without alienating your team.

  • Accountability

When you let others down by not fulfilling your responsibilities, the bond you have created can break. As you expect and require your affiliate network team to be accountable, you must also be. Sure, timelines and pressure are part of any online money-making business. As an affiliate network and leader, you must know when, where, and what is happening in your industry. Thus, by being accountable, transparent, and genuine, your employees and affiliates and will fall into line. In turn, everyone will feel valued. 


Furthermore, when the three A’s magically combine with a focus on karma, the affiliate marketer can become…

The Transcendental Leader

So, imagine this: your affiliate network is brim-full of team members. Each member is working hard with strong motivation. Also, you know they are dedicated to good of your company. Not only that, but they care about each other. Typical outcomes include increased quality output, better service delivery, enhanced availability, and a commitment to your network and its values.