One of the biggest trends these days in affiliate marketing are cryptocurrencies.  

Although it’s still a fairly new trend, it is still growing in popularity and demand. Since the rise of Bitcoin, the first and most influential cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency market has skyrocketed. This means there is a large target market to promote affiliate crypto campaigns.

Let’s dive in to understand the two main types of crypto affiliate programs currently available. The first type is to drive leads to a crypto exchange, where the prospects open an account in which they take action of their digital currencies through the exchange. The second known option for crypto affiliates is driving traffic to “Contract For Difference” Brokers or to Forex brokers. In this option, the leads can trade cryptocurrency CFDs. They open an account with the broker and speculate on the price movements of the digital currencies.
Crypto CFD trading has resulted in large profits for affiliates, especially if the affiliate marketing network or broker offers an all-inclusive service that enables the leads to sign up, trade effectively and to profit.

Get on board

Nowadays it’s easy to join a cryptocurrency affiliate marketing program. With these types of programs, you can become an affiliate marketer yourself! You’ll get paid for advertising a link to a crypto broker and for getting people to sign and trade with the broker.

An affiliate marketing network operates on a range of business models.One of them is known as Cost Per Action (CPA), which means the affiliate marketer will receive commission when a person takes a certain action, such as trading, opening an account or even clicking on a link.

This business model can work on its own or in addition to advertisement.
Affiliate marketing is beneficial for everyone included; the brokers get more traffic to their platform, whereas the affiliate marketer gets paid for driving the traffic to the broker’s site! Plus, the risk taken by the crypto network provider is much smaller with affiliate marketing since they only pay commission once a prospect takes action.

Promoting Your Crypto Affiliate Marketing Campaign

There are lots of different methods and approaches out there to advertise your cryptocurrency marketing campaigns. Below are some of the various methods available for generating leads and traffic.

You should take note that the promotional options for cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is in constant change mainly because world regulations are not stable.

Popular Promoting options:


An effective way to gain attention from prospects interested in crypto markets is by advertising on online publications.Specifically, publications which specialize in  cryptocurrency markets. The only downside to paid advertising is that it can be rather expensive if you don’t have your own website or blog. 

Push Notifications:

Push notification is a notification\message smartphone users agree to receive from an app\website. These messages are aimed to drive traffic and conversions to your marketing campaign. This has been found to be highly effective.

Your own website and SEO:

Creating your own website and focusing on Cryptocurrencies can be a great way to advertise as a crypto affiliate. To optimize your hard work on your site, you should invest in SEO. The point of Search Engine Optimization is to rank high on search engine results. This can help drive more traffic to your website.


Another great option for promoting a crypto affiliate marketing campaign is to use Reddit. Make your posts engaging and interesting to get them upvoted by other Redditor’s, providing leads for your affiliate marketing campaign. 


Although Facebook is an obvious choice, Facebook has banned advertising of cryptocurrency trading. Which means unfortunately paid promotion in one of the most influential and effective social media channels is no longer an option for crypto brokers. Despite this, you can still utilize a variety of free promotional methods on Facebook. Create a facebook page related to cryptocurrency to post content, information and promotion with your affiliate marketing link. Additionally, you can create a group with like-minded individuals that have interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Consider Your Target Market

Cryptocurrency’s target audience has a high knowledge about technology, as well as a good understanding of blockchain technology and how it works. Before targeting this crowd you must make sure your advertisement is suited for their knowledge to make it as effective as can be. You will need to know and understand market psychology, current events and cryptocurrencies, and how they can be traded profitably.

Start now

Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing has huge potential to make profits.It’s a niche that requires hard work, dedication and full understanding of your crowd and product, but it sure pays off. There are tons of affiliates who have already joined OlaVivo and are promoting their crypto marketing campaigns. Join us today to become an affiliate marketer or advertiser.