What is the one thing that drives economic activities in the world? The short and simple answer is profit. Everyone wants to make money. However, the easier the path to this goal, the better. Affiliates understand that affiliate marketing offers a streaming revenue. Nevertheless, when you examine the world’s economic status over the last several months, you’ll notice a downward trend. Authorities introduced rules and measures to stem the rise and spread of Covid-19 have devastated economies and wrecked businesses. However, how does this current economic status concern affiliate marketing? Furthermore, why are the behaviors of super affiliates crossing over into the crypto vertical? 

It suffices to say that many companies cut their advertising spending, including the affiliate marketing verticals, because of the economic status. A notable instance here is Amazon, which the world regards as the largest employer of affiliate marketers. However, current economic realities have made them release new policies concerning affiliate marketing and suspending numerous contracts. This situation and a lot more led to a significant turnover or crossover of affiliates to another vertical crypto affiliate program. Keep reading to learn more about affiliate marketing, especially within the cryptocurrency niche. Furthermore, how you can create a second income with fast and easy profits. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Here’s a quick touch on what affiliate marketing is for the newcomers. People usually regard affiliate marketing as a way to make passive money. It means that you get to earn cash without contributing significantly or taking active participation in the production processes. As an affiliate marketer, you contribute to a more critical aspect of the business: customer recruitment.

You need to note that affiliate marketing is essentially a more efficient and effective mode of advertising. Affiliate marketers often utilize social media platforms, blogs, and websites with high followings or subscribers to market their products. That gives you a bigger chance of making a conversion. One thing you should understand is that as an affiliate marketer, the only type of payment you’ll get is a commission from the purchase or deposit of your referral. Are you searching for the top affiliate marketing trends of 2021? That way, you can boost your traffic — and sales!

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Affiliates Changed the Face of Advertising

Big brands and companies often have affiliate programs where anyone (businesses, individuals, and blogs/ websites) can sign up and receive a personalized link that they share with their families, friends, acquaintances, followers on social media, and website visitors or traffic). The purpose of doing this is to get paying customers for the brand and increase their revenue. Affiliate marketers get paid according to the number of people that they convert to the website. 

According to people that are qualified to know, this is a better and results-based method of advertising. It is easy to track and quantify. If anything, big businesses and brands prefer spending huge bucks on affiliate marketing programs because it is more efficient and its effectiveness can be accurately quantified, unlike what obtains in traditional methods of advertisement. An excellent example of this is the Amazon affiliate marketing programs.

It is a fact that affiliate marketing coupled with internet reach and social media influence has extensively radicalized the marketing approach.

Super Affiliates in the Crypto Space


The remarkable boost in Bitcoin profile and price have further shed more light on the value and potential that cryptocurrencies offer to individuals, businesses, and affiliates. The recent crypto boost or price boost has resulted in unprecedented institutional investments in the crypto space. Consequent to this development, many companies and corporations have been exploring ways by which they can effectively incorporate cryptocurrencies and methods into their businesses. Perhaps this has led to some businesses and retailers adjusting their payment policy to accept major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There have also been instances of government institutions trying to adopt a regulatory stance or outrightly delving into the crypto niche. Why? They do so to take advantage of the unique advantages that decentralized financing offers.

However, the current economic realities have seen many big corporations suspend affiliate operations. Combine that with the attractive commission offers available at cryptocurrency exchange affiliate programs. These serve as incentives for super affiliates to join the budding crypto affiliate programs sector. Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer payments in cryptocurrencies. Using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance coin, and so on is a huge draw. For most affiliate marketers, this presents an opportunity to own valuable crypto assets without actually paying for them. Indeed, it is excellent, easy, and fast money with minimum effort.

Summarily, here are the reasons why the most influential marketers in the affiliate marketing industry are crossing over to the crypto vertical. Don’t you want to reap these various benefits as well?

  1. Earn faster payouts.
  2. Get a higher probability of receiving payment in crypto assets.
  3. Enjoy the relative stability of the crypto exchange affiliate marketing programs.
  4. Receive incentives for offers from popular crypto exchange platforms such as Binance. 

The Crypto Space Affiliate Programs


Do you understand the proper context on what you stand to gain by crossing over to the crypto affiliate marketing space? Check out some popular crypto exchange affiliate program offers:


Binance affiliate program offers desirable commission offers and other incentives to affiliates. Signing up for the program is also simple. It majorly involves registering for the program, receiving a personalized URL link, and pasting the URL link on your social media accounts, blogs, website, or passing them to your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Binance offers you a 50% commission off every purchase or transaction that your preferred customer performs. It is essential to note that you will not receive payment for anything until someone clicks on your URL link to register on Binance and does a transaction. The platform also allows you to customize your personal rewards system by promising potential customers a 20% discount on their first transaction. It will incentivize more people to click on your link and sign up with Binance.


Here is another crypto exchange platform that runs an affiliate program. Coinbase affiliate program is quite similar to that of Binance, but that does not mean differences don’t exist. It also offers a 50% commission as a reward for referring paying or active customers to the platform. Moreover, like in Binance, you’ll only get paid once your referral has completed a transaction. The platform also offers you $10 off any new user that deposits up to $100. It allows you to earn more than you would typically make in an average affiliate program niche.

Coinbase might decide to either increase or decrease your commission rate. You should understand that it depends on your affiliate marketing strategy’s efficiency and efficacy and the number of people you’ve been able to convert. That usually takes place three months after your registration to give your performance enough time to be tracked and analyzed.

What are you thoughts about affiliate marketing and the crypto space? Please, leave your comments below!

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