If you work and travel simultaneously, are the hours you spent in transit “lost time?”

What if all those hours you spend traveling on planes, trains, and busses could be your most productive? You would be able to get more done! You can work towards your goals as a successful affiliate marketer. Yes, create that travel affiliate website that you’ve dreamed of and make the most of your time. Furthermore, do it even when traveling! In my life as an affiliate marketer, I’m often getting my work down and learning everything about affiliate marketing while waiting for a plane, riding a train, or taking a long-distance bus. I’ll be on my way somewhere and pull out my laptop and start working on a blog post or affiliate marketing for my website.

Before I know it, I’ll get into the “flow” state of working and, I will have tapped out 1,000 words or more of good quality writing, such as my affiliate marketing content. Then I snap out of my trance and look at my watch, realizing that I did an astonishing amount of work in a short time. I’ve noticed it again and again in my seven years as a digital nomad – working in transit can be so much more productive than working at home. Traveling is the time to push your affiliate marketing business and enhance your digital nomad presence. Keep reading how and why you work more productively in transit. Also, check out more traveling tips for affiliate marketers

Travel time is valuable.

Many digital nomad workers might see travel time as interruptions to their productivity. However, if you can flip that around and see travel time as valuable, productive work time, this can help you make this lifestyle work. So, what is it about planes, trains, and automobiles that can put you in a productive state? Let’s look at some of the factors that go into why working while on the road can be more productive. Here are some tips for how you can get more stuff done while working in transit. 


There’s no internet connection.

Although most trains and buses have Wi-Fi these days, it is usually slow and difficult to connect to and not worth using. So, for most of these journeys, you are without Wi-Fi.  The internet is one of the most addictive things that humanity has ever invented. All social media channels and entertainment sites are designed to keep you clicking, scrolling, and engaging. Every feature of most social media networks takes advantage of the reward centers in your brain and makes it very difficult to stop looking. Here’s a fascinating article from Vice about how it works. It’s kind of like a slot machine. We keep “pulling the lever” by checking our devices to see if we have “won” more likes or comments. 

Of course, this is incredibly bad for productivity. If you try to get work done while Facebook notifications are popping up, you better believe that it will take you up to three times as long to do the same amount of work you could do if you blocked all distractions. Being on a Wi-Fi-free airplane, bus, or train means that you are in a bubble of calm, isolated from the constantly buzzing world of likes and retweets, and in turn, more focused on getting your work done. 


How can you make the lack of internet work for you? 

  • Download the documents and emails you need offline. You can also download the best affiliate marketing sites that you need to use for research.
  • Use Trello and other project management systems with offline services so you can continue to plan, organize, and edit.
  • Ensure you have everything you need to work saved on a USB before you leave. 
  • Have all of your favorite playlists for concentration downloaded offline if you listen to music while you work. 
  • Check that your laptop has a fully charged battery and that you have everything else you need, including cords, headphones, etc. 
  • Take notes for anything you can’t access while offline. You can look it up later when you get Wi-Fi again. 

You can’t get up and do anything else.

One of the other productivity busters of working at a home office is always something else you could be doing. Do you find yourself stepping away from the computer to start laundry, browse the affiliate marketing marketplaces, make yourself a snack, wash the dishes, make another cup of coffee, etc.? It’s effortless to step away from the computer. That way, you can catch up with another task. 

Procrastination is powerful, and I’m sure many people can relate. However, when you are on a train, plane, or bus, you can’t do this – because there isn’t anywhere else to go. If you get up, all you can do is walk up and down the aisle, go to the bathroom, and sit down again. There are not many other situations in our lives where we are bound to one location for such a long period without the internet or people’s distraction. 


There’s also no one to talk to – you’re not in an office with chatty co-workers or at home with your family. You’re alone in a sea of strangers, stuck in a seat for the next several hours with nothing but your laptop and the items on your to-do list.  Without anything else on your mind – you might find that it is much easier to focus without getting pulled away from your work when you are in transit. It forces you to sit down and get started. If you find yourself often distracted by doing other things when you are trying to work, try using transit time as a chance to sit down and stay focused.